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About Me...


I am a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology. As a mechanical engineering major, I am fascinated by the intricacies of engines, tools, and machines. My goal is to, one day, design and enhance these components, augmenting their efficiency to create a better user experience. My diverse experience in 3-D modeling can be corroborated by my Autodesk Inventor certification and previous projects completed using Creo Parametric. Interning in the Gas Operations department at PSE&G has given me the opportunity to apply my academic understanding in engineering to real-world applications while also enhancing my data analytics and communication skills through being in a team-centric environment. I am currently exploring opportunities to grow my network and engineering knowledge through internships, research, and co-ops.


Sundeep Singh

Mechanical Engineering Student






Bachelor's Degree

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Newark, NJ

Candidate for Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering

​Dean's List Recipient

Grade Point Average: 3.819/4.00

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High School Diploma


Passaic County Technical Institute

Wayne, NJ

Project Lead the Way

National Honor Society Member

Grade Point Average: 3.803/4.00


Gas Operations Technical Intern


Burlington, NJ

Perform quality control and data analytics on customer follow up calls in response to COVID-19. Assist in the execution of operations and maintenance identified leak repairs in the 12 gas districts and conduct an analysis of data for gas leak surveys. Analyze data from financial reports to create interactive dashboards using Power BI for PSE&G competitive services.


Warehouse Associate


Moonachie, NJ

In charge of assigning Amazon flex drivers their routes for the Prime First Day shipment within Hudson, Bergen, and Passaic counties. Responsible for resolving any technical issues that may arise with the shipment and assist in the operation of the warehouse


Member Services Counselor

AAA Northeast

Wayne, NJ

Responsible for sending out emergency roadside assistance in coordination with outside contractors and police departments to members in need. Had to input member information, pay attention to detail, being able to detect fraud, and handling customers under stressful conditions.

Project Respire

With a talented team of driven individuals, we have developed a potentially lifesaving mechanical accessory for patients undergoing CPR, delivering increased accuracy, reduced risk, and less strain on first responders. The initial prototype has been designed utilizing Autodesk Inventor and it is currently undergoing continuous improvements. We plan to file a utility patent and have a fully functioning prototype by Fall 2020.

Creo Innovation Showcase- Tripod

Reverse-engineered a Bosch Camera Tripod, identifying all the mechanical component and modelling each individual component using Creo Parametric 5.0. Assembled the Bosch Camera Tripod on Creo Parametric and fabricated part drawings, assembly drawings, and patents into a report. Presented the final product to a team of judges and successfully placed.

N.A.S.A. HUNCH - Can Compressor Mechanism

Designed and created a can compressor mechanism to be utilized on the International Space System. The mechanism had to compress used food cans to maximize storage efficiency on the International Space System. Additionally, the can compressor was designed to contain any metal shards that may result as a biproduct of the compression. Our final design will be taken into consideration by N.A.S.A. 


Engineering Software

Creo Parametric 5.0+

MD Solids 4.1.0

Data Analysis Software

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Excel


Programming Languages


Python 3.8+

Arduino 1.8+





2018- Present


NJIT Academic Excellence Scholarship

Awarded to students who maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above.

2018- Present


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Position: Member

Involved with online seminars by industry professionals, career enrichment, and skills development for engineering disciplines. 



Collegeboard AP Scholar Award

Awarded to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.



PCTI Education Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to students who exibit exemplary academic performance.



NJ American Legion Boys State

Position: Johnson City Councilman

A selective educational program of government instruction allowing students to learn and become a part of the operation of local, county, and state governments. 

Engineering Materials and Processes

Engineering Materials and Processes introduces students to materials such as metals, ceramics, and polymers while also teaching about the processes that affect these materials. Some of these processes include forming, heat treatment, and additive manufacturing. Below are some laboratory experiments conducted  throughout this course. 

Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials builds upon topics learned in the course Engineering Statics such as force equilibrium and free body diagrams. This course provides an understanding of the different kinds of stresses, deformations, and the mechanical behavior of materials under various loads. Below are some laboratory experiments conducted throughout this course. 

Physics II

Physics II introduces students to  the principles of electricity and magnetism including simple dc circuits, electric field, electric potential, magnetic field, and inductance. The Physics II laboratory course strengthens the understanding of topics learned in the lecture and provided below are some laboratory experiments conduced throughout this course. 

Physics I

Physics I introduces students to principles such as Newton's Laws, one dimensional motion, friction, conservation of energy and momentum, uniform circular motion, and torque. The Physics I laboratory course strengthens the understanding of topics learned in the lecture and provided below are some laboratory experiments conduced throughout this course. 


Machine Design

Introduction to System Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics

Thermodynamics II

Mechanics Lab I

Kinematics of Machinery

Electrical Engineering Principles

Stress Analysis

Differential Equations